Garcia Hand Picked


Creating the branding for Garcia Hand Picked came with high expectations and just a little pressure to get it right—not only from the client, but from Jerry Garcia’s family. They wanted an authentic expression of who Jerry was as a musician, an artist, and someone who opted for fun in his lifetime. Garden State Greenhouse collaborated with them throughout the process to build the brand from the ground up, starting with logo and packaging design. From there, we developed an elaborate website, in-dispensary print materials, a customized Airstream, billboards, radio ads…the list goes on. Every weird, wonderful detail is a tribute to Jerry, his family, his fans, and his legacy.


The Garcia Hand Picked branding had to be truly original and capture the essence of Jerry’s creative spirit. Garden State Greenhouse wanted to ensure fans felt connected to the brand, not isolated by it. We focused on his iconic face and added design elements that felt organic and had rhythm. The swirls reminded Trixie Garcia of smoke, they’re psychedelic but not too far out.

  • “The image of Jerry on the packaging is from a photo taken of him in Egypt. It’s one of my favorites.”

Customer Experience

The team at Garden State Greenhouse hatched an idea to have a customized Airstream tour the outdoor festivals for the launch of Garcia Hand Picked. We named her Bertha and tripped her out with a customized interior, a wall of sound, solar panels and merch. We named her operator the “Director of Magic and Bliss”. While there were no festivals for Bertha to visit, she was able to tour California dispensaries, launching Garcia Hand Picked up and down the California coast. Bertha will travel to each state where Garcia Hand Picked launches.

In-Dispensary Promotion

Garden State Greenhouse created several print pieces to help customers and budtenders understand the unique features of Garcia Hand Picked. A short in-dispensary video engaged customers and brought the branding to life.


The client wanted weird and unexpected. Features include an unconventional homepage navigation, and content that goes beyond the brand story to capture all aspects of Jerry’s life and interests. We created curated playlists linked to SoundCloud, and a page of full-on weirdness that’s just for fun. Check it out for yourself.

Social media

Who knows if Jerry would have embraced social media, but plenty of his fans do. Garden State Greenhouse created a presence that is fun and unexpected, weird and creative, just like Jerry. We announced all of Bertha’s stops, created original content including videos of interviews with the Garcia family and featured growers. It’s a place for people with a shared love to come together and explore.